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This page intends to list books focused primarily on Prairie School buildings and architects. Certain general interest architectural histories or guidebooks are also included if they have noteworthy PS content.
Me-too Frank Lloyd Wright picture books are
not included.


Brooks, H. Allen. The Prairie School: Frank Lloyd Wright and His Midwest Contemporaries.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1972.

Brooks, H. Allen. Prairie School Architecture: Studies from “The Western Architect”.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1975.

Brooks, H. Allen, ed. Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School.
New York: George Braziler, 1984.

Brooks, H. Allen, et al. 74 Rassegna (Prairie School).
Italy: Editrice Compositor, 1998.

Broward, Robert C. A Prairie School Masterpiece: The History of the St. James Building.
Jacksonville: Jacksonville Historical Society, 1997

Broward, Robert C. The Architecture of Henry John Klutho.
Jacksonville: Jacksonville Historical Society, 2005 (Revised Second Edition)

Cahan, Richard. They All Fall Down: Richard Nickel’s Struggle to Save America’s Architecture.
New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1994.

Chappell, Sally Anderson. Barry Byrne, John Lloyd Wright: Architecture & Design.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1982.

Condict, Carl. The Chicago School of Architecture.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1964.

Connors, Joseph. The Robie House of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1984.

Domer, Dennis, ed. Alfred Caldwell: The Life and Work of a Prairie School Landscape Architect.
Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997.

Elia, Mario Manieri. Louis Henry Sullivan.
New York: Princeton University Press, 1996

Englebrecht, Lloyd, et al. Henry Trost: Architect of the Southwest.
El Paso: El Paso Library Association, 1981.

Frazier, Nancy. Louis Sullivan and the Chicago School.
New York: Knickerbocker Press, 1998.

Frei, Hans. Louis Henry Sullivan.
Zurich: Artemis Verlage, 1992.

Futagawa, Yukio, ed. Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Houses (#4 GA Traveler).
Tokyo: ADA Edita, 2002.

Futagawa, Yukio, ed. Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright (#9 Global Interiors).
Tokyo: ADA Edita, 1975.

Garner, John S., ed. The Midwest in American Architecture.
Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1991.

Gebhard, David, ed. The Architecture of Purcell & Elmslie: The Western Architect.
Chicago: Prairie School Press, 1965.

Gebhard, David, and Martinson, Tom. A Guide to the Architecture of Minnesota.
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1977.

Gebhard, David, and Mansheim, Gerald. Buildings of Iowa.
New York: Oxford University Press, 1993.

Gebhard, David, Gebhard, Patricia, ed. Purcell & Elmslie: Prairie Progressive Architects.
Layton: Gibbs Smith, 2006.

Gill, Brendan. Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright.
New York: G.P. Puutnam’s Sons, 1987.

Hammons, Mark. “Purcell and Elmslie, Architects”
Art and Life on the Upper Mississippi, 1890–1915. Ed. Michael Conforti.
Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1994. 214–298.

Hanks, David A. Frank Lloyd Wright: Preserving and Architectural Heritage.
New York: E.P. Dutton, 1989.

Hasbrouck, Wilbert R., ed. Architectural Essays From the Chicago School.
Chicago: Prairie School Press, 1967.

Hasbrouck, WIlbert R. The Chicago Architectural Club: Prelude to the Modern.
New York: The Monacelli Press, 2005.

Hess, Alan, et al. Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Houses.
New York: Rizzoli, 2006.

Kruty, Paul & Sprague, Paul ed. Two Americans in India: Walter Burley Griffin & Marion Mahony Griffin, 1935-1937.
Urbana: University of Illinois School of Architecture, 1997.

Kruty, Paul, and Schmitt, Ronald E. George G. Elmslie: Architectural Ornament from the Edison and Morton Schools.
Champaign: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1998.

Kruty, Paul. Prelude to the Prairie Style: 8 Models of Unbuilt Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1893-1901.
Urbana: University of Illinois School of Architecture, 2005.

Kruty, Paul & Sprague, Paul E. Marion Mahony and Millikin Place.
St. Louis: The Walter Burley Griffin Society, 2007.

Larson, et al. Prairie School Architecture in Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin.
St. Paul, Minn.:Minnesota Museum of Art, 1982.

Legler, Dixie, and Korab, Christian. Prairie Style: Houses and Gardens by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School.
New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1999.

Legler, Dixie & Korab, Christian. At Home on the Prairie: The Houses of Purcell & Elmslie.
San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2006.

Lind, Carla. The Wright Style.
New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992.

Lindblade, Lou Ann, et al. The Woodbury County Courthouse Revealed.
Sioux City: G.R. Lindblade & Co., n.d. [2009]

Maldre, Mati, and Kruty, Paul. Walter Burley Griffin in America.
Urbana: University of Illinois Press. 1996.

Manson, Grant. Frank Lloyd Wright to 1910: The First Golden Age.
New York: Reinhold Publishing Co., 1958.

Martone, Frank. In Wright's Shadow: Artists and Architects at the Oak Park Studio.
Oak Park: Oak Park Home & Studio, 1998.

Millett, Larry. The Curve of the Arch: The Story of Louis Sullivan’s Owatonna Bank.
St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1985.

Morrison, Hugh. Louis Sullivan: Prophet of Modern Architecture.
New York: W.W. Norton, 1935.

Olivarez, Jennifer Komar. Progressive Design in the Midwest: The Purcell-Cutts House and the Prairie School Collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Minneapolis: The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 2000.

Quinan, Jack. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Building: Myth and Fact.
Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1987.

Robertson, Cheryl, ed. The Domestic Scene (1897-1927): George Mann Niedecken, Interior Architect.
Milwaukee: Milwaukee: Art Museum, 1981.

Robertson, Cheryl, ed. Frank Lloyd Wright and George Mann Niedecken: Prairie School Collaborators.
Milwaukee: Milwaukee Art Museum, 1999.

Schmitt, Ronald, E.: Sullivanesque: Urban Architecture and Ornament.
Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2002

Sinkevitch, Alice, ed. AIA Guide to Chicago.
San Diego: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1993.

Skolnick, Lisa. Prairie Style.
Friedman/Fairfax Publishers, 2001.

Spencer, Brian A. The Prairie School Tradition: The Archives of the Milwaukee Art Center.
New York: Whitney Library of Design, 1979.

Spencer, Robert C. Jr. The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright: 1893-1900.
Chicago: Prairie School Press, ?.

Sprague, Paul, ed. The Drawings of Louis Sullivan.
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1979.

Stodola, Barbara, ed. Frank Lloyd Wright & Colleagues: Indiana Works.
Indiana: John G. Blank Center for the Arts, 1999.

Storrer, William Allin. The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1993.

Storrer, William Allin. The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: A Complete Catalog.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2002 (Third Edition).

Sullivan, Louis H. Kindergarten Chats.
New York: Wittborn Art Books, 1947.

Szarkowski, John, ed. The Idea of Louis Sullivan.
Boston: Bullfinch Press, 2000.

Turnbill, Jeff & Navaretti, Peter, ed. The Griffins in Australia & India.
Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1998.

Twombly, Robert. Louis Sullivan: His Life and Work.
New York: Viking Penguin Books, 1986.

Twombly, et al. “The Prairie School: Design Visions for the Midwest”
The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, Vol. 21, No. 2.
Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago, 1995.

van Bergeijk, Herman, et al. Amerikaanse dromen: Frank Lloyd Wright en Nederland. Rotterdam: Uitgeverij 010, 2008.

Van Zanten, David T., ed. Walter Burley Griffin: Selected Designs.
Chicago: Prairie School Press, 1970.

Van Zanten, et al. Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament.
New York: W.W. Norton, 1986.

Visser, Kristin. Frank Lloyd Wright & the Prairie School in Wisconsin.
Madison, Wis.: Prairie Oak Press, 1992.

Walker, Meredith, et al. Building For Nature: Walter Burley Griffin and Castlegrag.
Australia: Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc., 1994.

Watson, Anne, ed. Beyond Architecture: Marion Mahony & Walter Burley Griffin, America, Australia & India.
Sydney: Powerhouse Publishers, 1998.

Weingarten, Lauren S. Louis H. Sullivan: The Banks.
Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1987.

Weinstein, Dave. “Prairie Homes in Silicon Valley.” Signature Architects of the San Franciso Bay Area.
Layton: Gibbs Smith, 2006.

Wilson, Richard Guy, and Robinson, Sidney K. The Prairie School in Iowa.
Ames, Iowa: The Iowa State University Press, 1977.

Wilson, Richard Guy & Robinson, Sidney K., ed. Modern Architecture in America: Visions & Revisions.
Ames: Iowa State University Pres, 1991.

Wright, Frank Lloyd. The Early Work of Frank Lloyd Wrigh: The “Ausgeführte Bauten” of 1911.
New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1982.

Wright, et al. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Early Work of the Great Architect.
New York: Gramercy Books, 1994.
(A reproduction of the contents of seven 1925 issues of the Dutch magazine “Wendingen”.)

Anon. The Plan for Restoration and Adaptive Reuse of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1977.


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