Random Notes
Or, A Collection of Miscellaneous Ramblings
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Prairie Architecture in General

Maintained from 2005 to a Fitful End in 2012.


Site start-up, the perils of mining the National Register, the loss of two Iowa PS landmarks.
Validation of the PST from Chicago and Washington State, Purcell & Elmslie in Philadelphia.
Sullivan ignored on the Web, Phil Pecord’s astonishing gift of information.
Something of a placeholder.
Further validation and contributions, PS buildings on postcards, and the School’s reach beyond the Midwest.
A modest month, with contributions from Randolph Henning and Jack Lesshaft.
An Illinois focus, with some unknowns and Parker N. Berry.
Answers to questions posed in June, and a Wisconsin teaser.
Something about a few Claude & Starck buildings in Wisconsin, the variable quality of some PS buildings in these lists, and another batch of mystery postcards.
Elmslie’s involuntary presence in the marketplace, updates to Chicago listings.
A few known Unknowns, Von Holst and ComEd, and Prairie riches in, of all places, the Sunshine State.
Media notice of Florida PS buildings, a concise history of Purcell & Elmslie’s banks in three neighboring small towns.
An apology for so little apparent work, and thanks for photo contributions.
A brief musing about PS architecture in Milwaukee, and the addition of photos in Rock Island, Ill. from Phil Adams.
Utah assumes a visual presence in the PST, and a note about Mark Hammons and Organica.
Site statistics so far, more Utah.
You’re sending more letters—thanks.
Prairie reading material.
Prairie reading material, again.
What’s a vacation in Wisconsin without photography of PS buildings?
The near-loss of a late PS building in Sioux City, that improbable outpost of PS design.
Contributions from fellow Traveler Rick McNees, and a brief note about Tom Shearer.
Notes from Indiana, the second anniversary.
Far-flung PS buildings, Waterloo “Prairie”.
Prairie in the Netherlands, of all places.
Niedecken in Milwaukee and elsewhere.
Unity Temple, finally.
Banks, splendid and otherwise.
Minneapolis, finally, and flood-ravaged Cedar Rapids and its Sullivan bank.
PS in Dallas.
The Yelland House burns.
The PST finally gives Oak Park its due.
Pasadena, California.
A few of the exploits of Floridian Wayne Wood.
Two Sullivan banks
A slow summer...
...but back on track, hopefully.
...or maybe not...
February 2010 Resuscitation, and new books.
March 2010 Maps for Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.
March 2011 Iannelli studio in danger.
Apriil 2012 Technology: bane and blessing.


As always, I welcome your comments about this site or any Prairie School building.

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